Awka Township Stadium Is Not For Sale, It Belongs to Ndi Awka And Lovers of Sports.


It is no longer  a news that Awka Township Stadium that was supposed to be a Mini Stadium in the heart of Awka which should be serving both Ndi Awka and everyone residing within for the development of sports and gymnastics.

It was gathered that the stadium is to be sold to a private firm to build a shopping mall. The question should be, what happens to the shoprite that Peter Obi started at former Ikenga hotel? Why did Gov. Obiano stopped that project and now settled for Awka Township Stadium to put up a shopping mall.

It was officially announced during Izu Awka at Ndi Ichie Hall, Umudioka, Awka on Sunday, 3rd March, 2019 that Anambra state government should keep off from the said stadium. The right thing to do is to build a befitting Mini Stadium that will serve sport lovers in the State and beyond.

It was also unanimously agreed that no APGA candidates should be voted in to the State Assembly in forthcoming election. The party has not fav our Awka as the state capital since Mr. Peter Obi left the government house.

From a reliable source, Late Chief Chuba Nweke’s family and eight others are the original owners of the property where the stadium is situated on. They voluntarily gave it out to the government to develop as a sports Arena in Awka and it’s environs.

Late Chief Chuba Nweke was the first Executive Chairman of Awka South LGA. And loved sports so much that he devoted his life for promotion of sports in Anambra state.

Anambra state government should immortalize High Chief Chuba Nweke by completing Awka Township Stadium and name it after him. A request to this effect was made to the government by the family of Chief Chuba Nweke, which up till now nothing has been done about it.


Below are the documents to prove this claim.


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